A Career in Music

Being a professional musician is more than just playing an instrument or singing.

Very early in my career, I learned that being a pro musician required a large set of skills and an entrepreneurial spirit.  Quickly, I found that, in addition to being a performer (sometimes on multiple instruments!), I needed/wanted to expand into other professional areas of the industry including teaching and administrative work.

Teaching has always been rewarding for me.  To see my students grow and improve, oftentimes by leaps and bounds, is always thrilling to me.  There is some stability and longevity in teaching, and for those with a passion and knack for it, there can be a great career ahead of them.

Throughout my career, I have jumped into a number of music-related administrative positions including music librarian, festival artist liaison and scheduler, website management, development and grant proposal roles, etc.  Other popular roles include development officer, box office manager, executive director, operations manager…and the list goes on.  There really is something for everyone!  I have made its. goal of mine to learn about as many of these roles as possible.  I am one for “bridging gaps in the music industry”.  I love sharing my experience wearing various hats with my colleagues in there hopes that they too will find other ways to continue to be part of the great modern music industry.

Many musicians find, after their conservatory years, that their perspective and focus changes, and that it’s time to branch out into other areas of the music industry; for these musicians, their sense of open-mindedness and wide range of passion prove to help them transition into new professional opportunities.  This was certainly my path, and I have enjoyed the journey thus far!

For advice on how to build a career in music, or on how to build your professional network, please feel free to contact me.  Thanks, Michael